Scaling Breakthrough Scientific Startups

Prime Movers Lab has a focus on an undervalued pocket of deal flow unlocked by our world-leading engineering due diligence, performed by our team of Ph-D-level scientists and best-in-class technical advisors.

Strategic partners include: Tony Robbins, world-renowned business strategist, former Commander of the ISS, Chris Hadfield, Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, and Sec. of the Navy, Richard Spencer. GPs comprise Dakin Sloss, founder of Prime Movers Lab, OpenGov & Tachyus, David Siminoff, early investor in AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Netflix, +100s while at Capital Research, and Zia Huque former CEO of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.

Dakin and Prime Movers Lab are a very different kind of investor than any I have had in the past 30 years. What sets them apart in an entirely different (and better) category is how smart, helpful and humble they are. They took the time to understand our business and technology better than anyone else, and thus were able to add more value.

--Bill Gross CEO of Heliogen (35 Previous IPOs/Exits)